ARÖMER Arabic Summer Intensive:
22 July – 19 August 2024

World Class Arabic Language Studies in the Heart of Istanbul,
supported by Bayyinah and Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan

A pioneering curriculum designed to transform your Arabic language skills within 100 hours of in-person immersive lessons, taught by leading teachers.

What is ARÖMER?

The ARÖMER Center at Istanbul 29 Mayıs University – founded and managed by Dr. Ibrahim Helalşah – is considered the most prominent Turkish academic institution that teaches the Arabic language. It is known for its distinct method of teaching which relies on linguistic immersion and activities that are designed to transform the student’s reading, speaking and writing comprehension, all customized to their existing level of proficiency. Students at all levels of Arabic proficiency can benefit from this program, including those who have taken the Bayyinah Dream program.

The ARÖMER Arabic Summer Intensive consists of 100 hours (5 days per week) of Arabic language classes in an exclusive and deeply immersive environment. The full summer program will take place at the 29 Mayıs University in Istanbul, Türkiye, from 22nd July – 19th August 2024, under the expertise of world class Arabic teachers.

100 Hours
4 Weeks

The summer intensive is a full-time commitment for one month, with classes taking place 5 days per week at the Istanbul 29 Mayıs University campus, located in the Ümraniye district of Istanbul. 

Full Arabic

The classes taught through ARÖMER use complete linguistic immersion, with interactive lessons guaranteed to fast-track your written and spoken Arabic, no matter your current level.

World Class

Benefit from an international faculty, boasting a team of twenty highly experienced professors in the field, all of Arab origin with specialised skills in teaching Arabic to non-Arab speakers.


Equipped with segregated student dormitories, university canteens, lecture theatres and classrooms, and scenic gardens all in a modern classic style.

Recommended by Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan

“This is super exciting for me because my students, who’ve been very part-time up until now, are studying Arabic grammar and some concepts to aid them in understanding the Quran. I want them to have a full 360-degree view of the Arabic language.

What excites me about ARÖMER and this summer program that we’re doing, is that they actually get to immerse themselves and get a first taste of full-on Arabic immersion with expert Arabic teachers.

I hope the students who take this program as a taster will develop enough of an appetite to apply for the full year-long program.”

(Please note: Ustadh Nouman will not be teaching this program. The curriculum will be taught by expert Arabic teachers from ARÖMER.)

How it works

To apply to the ARÖMER Arabic Summer Intensive, after carefully reading all the program information on this page, you may register below and take your placement test. If your results meet the program expectations and you are successfully shortlisted, you may be invited to do an interview. This will help the program organizers to correctly place you into one of eight possible levels within the program – from beginner to advanced – so that your time studying will be maximized and as efficient as possible to meet your specific Arabic language needs. 

You will then be prompted to pay the program tuition fees to secure your place, and thereafter full program details and instructions on arriving to the Istanbul 29 Mayıs University will be provided. 



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Apply NOW FOR 2024.

Please be advised that the number of available spaces for the program is limited. Applying does not guarantee a spot, as admission is subject to a selection process following the completion of a placement test.


Istanbul 29 Mayıs University
Istanbul, Türkiye

Program Dates

22nd of July to 19th August 2024

Download program brochure


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end of January - March 1st, 2024


English & Turkish


English & Turkish

Download program brochure

How to Apply

The Process:

Key Dates:

Program Cost and Outline

Course Information:

Course Fees:

Additional Program Information

Comprehensive details about the ARÖMER Arabic Summer Intensive can be found in the brochure below. Please download and carefully review both the brochure and the terms and conditions documents, as well as the FAQ below, before applying. 

Download Brochure

Review Terms & Conditions

Download Brochure

Review Terms & Conditions

What They Say About ARÖMER

Listen as ARÖMER students give their testimonials and offer a firsthand perspective on the transformative and enriching nature of the program.

“For anyone who wants to join this program and doesn’t know Arabic, I guarantee that if they work hard and stick with the program, they will graduate and be able to speak Arabic fluently. This is what I witnessed with this program.”

Rumeysa Irhan, Istanbul (Turkiye)

Course: Arabic One-Year Preparatory - ARÖMER

“My Arabic skills improved in an incredible way at this center. The love between the teachers and the students, the curriculum and the way they teach you, this is what distinguishes this program from the others.”

Şüheda Yıldız, Turkiye

Course: One-Year Arabic Preparatory - ARÖMER

“I had to get some foundational Arabic, so I enrolled in the one year preparatory program. It was incredibly beneficial. I went from zero to hero. I wasn’t able to speak before. However, now I can speak fluently.”

Bilal Hasan Elkas, New York (USA)

Course: One-Year Arabic Preparatory - ARÖMER

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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is designed to provide you with clear and concise answers to address any queries you may have about the ARÖMER Arabic Summer Intensive.

No. ARÖMER is not a Bayyinah program. ARÖMER is an independent and highly reputable Arabic Center which operates from the Istanbul 29 Mayıs University and is highly endorsed by Bayyinah and Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan. 

No, Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan will not be teaching during this program. Instead, highly experienced professors who specialize in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers will be leading classes

The ARÖMER Arabic Summer Intensive is intended for individuals aged 18 and above with a basic understanding of reading and writing in Arabic. Successful applicants will be placed within one of eight possible levels based on their placement test results, which is designed to provide them with the most efficient experience for their existing level of Arabic and thus making the best use of the 100 hours dedicated for this program. Experienced students will not be expected to study at lower levels for which they already have full comprehension, and vice versa. This customized approach to learning is one factor that makes ARÖMER so unique and effective. 

The ARÖMER Arabic Summer Intensive focuses on equipping its students with a high-level comprehension of the Arabic language, providing them with the ability to comfortably read, write and speak fluently. The goal is to help students master modern spoken Arabic language, allowing them to engage in daily conversation, in addition to matters related to the economy, literature, current affairs, sports, and so on. A variety of written and visual media is used to fully immerse students into the spoken world of Arabic.

The language of instruction during the program is Arabic. 

Yes, the participant limit for the program is set at 175 students. All applicants are subject to completing a placement test, and those successfully chosen for the program will be given the opportunity to secure their place by paying a deposit. Applicants who fail to submit deposits or payments on time will forfeit their place on the course (see full payment terms and conditions). 

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